Admission and Membership


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Please fill out this Google Form so we can learn a bit more about you before inviting you to one of our club meetings. Please also read below to find out more about the club philosophy and requirements to join.

How can I become a club member?
  • The AACZ has a two-step admission process with a 6-18 month candidacy period preceding admittance as a full member.
  • You can become a candidate if you have prior experience with climbing, mountaineering and/or ski touring without a guide. As a candidate you can join almost all club tours and events.
  • You also need to have an academic background and must be associated with one of the universities or “Hochschulen” in Zurich being a student, employee or alumni.
  • After 6 months (and before 18 months) as a candidate you should apply for full membership. You will need three people who have been club members for at least two years to support your application. Those club members should have been on tour with you and be able to assess your ability to plan and finish alpine tours independently. Upon successful review of your application you will attend a club dinner to be formally admitted.
  • After admission the membership fee is 60 CHF/year. Our members benefit from discounts in almost all huts throughout the Alps (SAC, DAV, OeAV, …), the so-called “Gegenrecht”.
What are the differences to other alpine clubs in Zurich?
  • All of our club members have an academic background. Almost all of them are connected to universities located in Zurich.
  • We do our tours without mountain guides or tour guides.
  • We don’t offer any courses. 
  • Albeit growing, the club is still very small compared to other alpine clubs. Personal contact and social events are very important to us. Hence, we expect from candidates and members that they are interested in club life and actively participate.
  • The club is very international, so English is often the preferred language.
On the Urner Haute Route – at the summit of Lochberg
What level of experience is required?
  • Our members cover a broad range from leisurely all-round mountaineers to top-level alpinists who make first ascents.
  • More importantly, you should be able to plan and finish alpine tours independently irrespective of the level of difficulty. It is therefore necessary to already have alpine experience and to be aware of your abilities, limits and the dangers involved.
  • If you think you need to learn or improve fundamental techniques, please have a look at the program offered by the Academic Sports Association of Zurich (ASVZ), Swiss mountaineering schools or the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC).
Balfrin traverse
How old are the members?
  • You can join AACZ at any age, but most of our active members are between 20 and 60 years old.
  • Older members still do tours with younger people, visit our huts and show up at club events.
Skitouring weekend 2017 in Kiental
I have further questions on the club. Who can I ask?
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us by email:
  • We are also happy to answer any questions when we meet at one of our club meetings.