Privat Skiing Hut Fondei (1960m)

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After the tragic death of Heinrich Spoerry on the Matterhorn in August 1907 the club received a donation for the procurement of another hut. In the end it needed 16 years and many discussions about the locations like Neuvaztal, Laquinthal, Lauteraarjoch, Trugberg, Silberlücke and very detailed about Sellapass. After it was almost decided to procure Sciorahut in 1920, the club found a beautiful Walser-hut high up in the Fondei valley next to the epicenter of alpine skiing at that time. Thus, since 1924 we are proud owners of this beautiful small hut.

The old Fondei hut.

For many decades that hut was used for a lot of skitours, celebrations and other events. After New Year 1971 the hut burnt down to the ground but was immediately rebuilt.

The cosy hut hosts a maximum of 28 guests and is privately and exclusively owned by the club. Club members can find more details about the hut and reservation here (only visible, if you have signed in).

(Movie by Franz Koch)

(Movie and Pictures by Franz Koch)

The new Fondei Hut in Summer 2018.

(Pictures by H. Wäsle and M. Hood)