Weihnachtskneip 2022

Weihnachtskneip 2022

After a two-year break, the traditional and very popular Weihnachtskneip finally took place again this year. After the usual short-term registrations and cancellations, 16 Huttli finally found their way to the Fondei on December 3rd and 4th to enjoy the pre-Christmas period in our beautiful hut, enjoy the mountain landscape, meet friends, cook together and have a good time.

As so often in recent years, there was very little snow this year. Just 40cm were reported from the Weissfluhjoch. Nevertheless, three courageous Huttli were not deterred and approached the hut on skis… in the end they were right because on Sunday two of them were actually able to ski down from the summit of the Stelli via Heimeli to Langwies on grass based powder!

In many respects the weekend was once again legendary and this year’s Weihnachtskneip was in no way inferior to previous occasions. The teams worked hard for the joint dinner and although we were provided with a flood of peanuts for Apero, there was still enough hunger left to eat the fine salad, pasta nastrovje (everyone can guess what one of the ingredients could be) and enjoying mousse au chocolat. Only the drinks remained less in demand than expected, to the astonishment of the organizer.

When dinner was already in full swing, one of our newly admitted members finally arrived late in the moonlight and equipped with a headlamp from a nightly solo ski-descent from the Stelli – we had already missed him a bit.

Another alpine highlight, which I had never experienced in recent years, was the ascent of almost all peaks in the Fondeier valley by one or more participants: Mattjischhorn (2460), Zenij (2372), Fondeier Berg (2430), Chistenstein ( 2473), Drimarchenspitz (2346), Zenijlue (2685), Stelli (2620) and an approach via the Blackter Fürggli. A colorful mix of equipment was used, starting with touring skis, snowshoes, mountaineering boots and trail running shoes, which kept feet cool in 50cm of snow.

Many thanks to everyone for helping, organizing and coming along! Once again we saw that there is no such thing as bad weather and there can never be too little snow to still have a great weekend.