125 years AACZ – Skitouring Weekend and Celebration in Saas-Fee

125 years AACZ – Skitouring Weekend and Celebration in Saas-Fee

In 2022, our yearly skitouring weekend, as every year professionally organized by Christoph Schenke, had a very special motto this year. As part of the anniversary celebrations related to the 125th anniversary of the AACZ, the club is keen to celebrate not only in Zürich but also in the regions with which we have been connected through our huts for more than 100 years. In September 2021 there was already the celebration in the Maderanertal, followed now in April 2022 by the skitouring weekend in Saas-Fee.

Although the weather was bad, the snow layer thin and the danger of falling into a crevasse was announced as critical, more than 30 Huttli were not deterred and arrived in Saas-Fee during Friday with increasing snowfall. Together with partners and invited guests, 42 people took part in the celebration at Fee Chäller.

The accommodation in the YHA Wellness Hotel 4000 could not have been better suited to the weather and so the wellness area was very much appreciated, used intensively and above all, has been enjoyed by the Huttli.

Real AACZ’ers are not deterred by these conditions either, on Saturday they set out in at least seven groups for a wide variety of activities, starting with winter hiking, ski touring, gaining altimeters for PDG training, dry tooling and an ice climbing.

After everyone warmed up in the sauna, the group set out for a celebratory meal in the Fee-Chäller. There we enjoyed a delicious Raclette. At this point we would like to thank Christoph Schenke as organizer of the weekend and of course the club for the generous invitation to the beautiful celebration in the Fee-Chäller.

It was a particular pleasure that Peter Lomatter also joined the celebration in addition to our current hut warden Maria Anthamatten. In his speech, Gregor explained that there is probably no one on this planet who has spent more time at the Mischabelhütte than Peter. As a child he was already present while his parents at that time were hut wardens. He then took over the hut with his brother and then looked after it himself for 49 years together with his wife Mary until Maria finally succeeded him in 2010.

After a night that was for some participants longer or shorter, we were able to enjoy the fresh snow in the best weather. The combination of unfavorable conditions, bad weather, great accommodation with a sauna, the wonderful evening in the Fee-Chäller and the weather-related compensation on Sunday made this weekend a really special occasion for all participants. Many thanks again to all organizers and to the club for the generous invitation!