Weihnachtskneip 2023 – Fondei

Weihnachtskneip 2023 – Fondei
On the ridge to Mattjischhorn.

We suffered for quite some years, but this December we celebrated a Weihnachtskneip with huge amounts of great powder! A brilliant start to the winter prevented us this year from the usual discussions whether Skis, Steinski, Snowshoes, or just on Foot the best touring equipment could be. There were various ascent opportunities for the participants: very classic from Langwies over Mattjischorn or via Sapün and Schwerzi (pass east from the Zenjiflue). A few even came all the way from the Davos Schatzalp over the Strelapass and Schwerzi. Until dinner we were almost completely on the deeply snowed but nice warm hut. Almost, because to make the 19 participants full, there was still one Huttli, who then arrived at the hut around 21:00 in in wild snowstorms.

As every year, all participants stood out to enjoy a fine night of aperitif, “Fondeisalat” a la Felix, cheese fondue and dessert.

In the night, stormy weather with fresh snow was announced but also a weather improvement from 10:00 onwards. So there was enough time to enjoy a fantastic breakfast including Birchermüseli, Butterzopf and coffee and to extensively clean the hut.
After departure, we started skinning up the hill in the whiteout but we were rewarded with great powder on the descent to Küblis!