Skills Transfer Workshop – LVS Training

Skills Transfer Workshop – LVS Training

The weather forecast for December 2nd, 2023 was not exactly good – little visibility, snowfall all day with an expected amount of new snow of at least 50cm. We thought: Perfect conditions to practice in a realistic bad weather scenario with beeps, shovels and probes.

On the ascent towards Gulmen – but first to our LVS practicing location (photo: Max Poletto)

The interest in the training was huge and so around 20 Huttli came to Amden to learn about avalanche transceivers, use of probes and how to organize as a team when it comes to finding and rescuing multiple buried people. After a theoretical part that dealt with transmitter-receiver topics, structured fine search and pinpoint location (keyword: “Einkreuzen”) and how to use the probe, we divided the team into several smaller groups to practice in the field. There were some avalanche victims to find and dig out. The teams had more than one opportunity to try out, learn and improve. So the searches got better and better over time.

After two hours of training, we had all learned a lot, but we were also getting cold. So we packed our backpacks and climbed up to Gulmen (1788m) to enjoy the masses of fresh snow on the descent.

Gulmen pre-summit picture.